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St Benedict Week  - Divine Office

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The Divine Office, also known as the Liturgy of Hours, is the prayer of the Church, praising and giving glory to God throughout the day. In his Rule, St Benedict calls it the work of God, Opus Dei, and he insists that nothing is to be preferred to it. In a monastery and, indeed, for any person or community which prays the Divine Office, it forms the rhythm that guides us through the day and helps turn our hearts to the Lord.

We've included details for joining Evening Prayer, Vespers, online and in person at different monasteries and with the Lay Community of St Benedict. If you would like to join at other hours of the day or if you would like to find out more, please follow the links. We will also be including links to other monasteries which do not stream online.  

Abbey Church, Ampleforth - doc large web res.jpg

Ampleforth Abbey, North Yorkshire

Vespers, 6pm

Kylemore Abbey.jpg

Kylemore Abbey, County Galway

Vespers, 6pm (Mondays 5pm)

IMG_3611 (1).jpeg

Worth Abbey, West Sussex

There is no online streaming in July but please join us in the Lady Chapel to pray the Office. 

Vespers, 6:45pm 


Jamberoo Abbey, New South Wales, Australia

Vespers, 5pm

We do not stream online but we would like to invite you to join us in prayer at our church. 


St Augustine's Abbey, Chilworth, Surrey

Vespers, 6pm

IMG_3031 (1).jpeg

The Lay Community of St Benedict, UK

Vespers, 6pm (Mon-Fri)

St Cecilia's Abbey, Ryde, Isle of Wight,

Vespers, 5pm

Ealing AbbeyChurch_037b.jpg

Ealing Abbey, London

Vespers, 6:35pm (Mon-Fri)

If you livestream the Divine Office and would like to share that information here, or if you would like the times of your daily offices to be known, please get in touch.


Let nothing be preferred to the work of God

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