Caring for Creation

Teach us to respect and love our

beautiful world,

and all whose lives we touch ….

Give us courage

to pray each day, and work for your kingdom of justice and peace.


St Scholastica

Session 4 - 24th March 2022


Working with others

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Session 5 - 31st March 2022


Let us dream

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Session 3 - 17th March 2022


Engaging the church

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Session 2 - 10th March 2022


Lightening our footsteps

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Session 1 - 3rd March 2022


Introduction to the science and Laudato Si

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Lent 2022    a menu of possibilities


On-line events, 8pm to 9pm, Thursdays March 3 to 31, in St Scholastica

March 3:     Introduction to the science, and to Laudato Si

March 10:   Lightening our footsteps:  what we can do as individuals and families

March 17:   Engaging the church: what we can do in parishes and local churches

March 24:   Working with others to bring about change

March 31:   Let us Dream:  Imagining the future we want to create.


Prayer resource for Week 4:   Click here for prayers, reflections, and suggested actions.


Emily’s blog:  Click here for Emily Westlake’s blog each week during Lent, to encourage you to use our planet’s resources more carefully. Each blog post will be about different materials (e.g. food, plastics, metals, etc), with tips on how to reduce, reuse, recycle or upcycle. Trying to be eco-friendly can sometimes feel overwhelming, so choose some small changes which feel are manageable for you – don’t try to do everything!

Blog week 1: Food

Blog week 2: Plastics (part 1)

Blog week 3: Plastics (part 2)

Blog week 4: Metals

Blog week 5: Glass

Blog week 6: Wood

Books:  Here’s two you might try during Lent if you don’t know them already


Thomas Berry:  The Dream of the Earth.   This classic work of eco-spirituality by a Catholic priest celebrates the human-to-earth relations pioneered by Native Americans and calls for further steps in the healing of the planet.


Joanna Macy and Chris Johnstone:  Active Hope  How to face the mess we’re in without going crazy.  An invitation to stop being overwhelmed and start living in a way that makes a difference even if it’s small.

Resources:  Click here to see our listing of useful and interesting books.

                    Or Click here for a pdf with active links to digital resources, including websites, videos and recipes.

E-mail with your suggestions of what could be added to it.

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All life on earth is connected and inter-dependent.   What we do, or don’t do, to live sustainably, has an impact across the world that is becoming ever more apparent, and will have an even greater impact on the lives of generations yet unborn.  We touch the lives of people everywhere, and are called to show respect and love in the choices we make.


The Caring for Creation group has been formed to encourage and support Community members in taking prayerful action, personally and in collaboration with others, in response to the Climate and Ecological Emergency.

Hiking Trail

As we progress in this way of life and in faith, we shall run on the path of God’s commandments, our hearts overflowing with the inexpressible delight of love.