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An Oasis

The LCSB welcomes all who wish to grow in the Christian life. We are shaped by the principles of the Rule of St Benedict and people of all Christian traditions are welcomed to full membership. Openness is central to our Community life and means that the Community is founded on loving care and respect for one another, including mutual respect for personal as well as denominational beliefs. 

In the LCSB, this requires us to observe both personal and ecumenical respect. The Community has been likened to an oasis, where people are joined by love, trust, and belonging. All are welcome – no matter what race, colour, gender, sexuality, social conditions, politics or religion. We are also joined by commitments to pray together, to support one another, to hospitality, and to spread the Word; but given our diversity, we will not always agree on everything.

How we aspire to live our welcome
  • We respect the conscience of each person; and the LCSB will not seek to impose any beliefs, nor will it pressurise anyone to endorse something that goes against their religion or beliefs.

  • The LCSB respects the official positions of different Christian denominations and their authority as regards their congregations. The LCSB as an organisation is not a platform to pressurise or campaign on controversies either within or between denominations. We are a place of prayer, community and friendship.

  • Our principles of welcome and mutual respect for all mean that all are free to hold, and express, their personal beliefs; however, this does not mean the LCSB as an organisation is also taking a position on the subject, either in favour or against.

  • We always aim to express our views to one another in love and with sensitivity.


These principles are based on a belief that our diversity is a source of life.

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“Each should try to be the first to honour the other, bearing one another’s weaknesses of body or behaviour with the utmost patience and competing with one another in obedience. No-one is to pursue what is judged better for one’s self but rather what is better for others.”

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