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Finding Out More and Joining

Finding Out More and Joining

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The Lay Community of Saint Benedict welcomes all who seek a closer walk with God. Newcomers are warmly invited to join us online, meet us at local groups, and come to our events and retreats to find out more.

If you would like to join us for a daily prayer time as a Guest please contact our Administrator.



Becoming a member of the Community

After attending an event either online or in person, you may wish to discern becoming a full member of the community. There are three stages on the path to joining the LCSB: 


Begin by getting to know the Community by attending an event, either online or in person. There is no obligation to move on to Seeker, and you can continue attending events as a Guest. If you would like to stay in touch with the LCSB, please follow our social channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube) for regular updates on future developments and events.  

After attending Community events, you may consider joining as a full member. You then enter a time of discernment, where you are supported and accompanied by a member of the Community in a process of formation. There is no set time limit on this stage of discernment and there is no rush to make the decision.   

Once you have completed the formation process as a Seeker you are then invited to take The Promise, either at the LCSB Summer Gathering, or at another appropriate Community event.

Click below for more information on The Promise and membership.


‘The brothers and sisters should have specified periods for manual labour as well as for prayerful reading.’  (ch48)

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