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A Benedictine Community

The Lay Community of St Benedict was born in 1971 of the vision of the monks of Worth Abbey who invited young people to share in their experience of the monastic life. Today, more than 50 years later, we are a lay-led, inter-generational and ecumenical community whose members meet and pray daily online, and gather physically in small local and regional groups, inspired by the Gospel.


Our weekly routine of prayer and study is an oasis in which members refresh themselves to lead active lives in the world. Our members, who are parishioners in many different Christian churches, are drawn because they want to deepen their spiritual life in fellowship with others.


We have programmes for children, teens and young adults - our community life provides a source of strength to nurture their faith.


The legacy of St Benedict and Benedictine spirituality remain hugely relevant to the challenges facing us today and form the bedrock of our community life.


We offer a warm Benedictine welcome to those who want to integrate prayer, community and service more fully into their daily lives. Come and meet us in our online prayer by registering as a guest on the website or email for more information.

Wild Scenery

Therefore we intend to establish a school of the Lord's service

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