Lectio Divina

As Christians we believe that scripture is the word of God, indeed that it is, quite literally, “God-breathed.”


The term Lectio Divina refers to a process of “spiritual reading” which can include:


a)  The process of slow, meditative reading of the Word of God
b) The time that we spend absorbing and pondering on The Word, the breath of God
c)  The silent listening for God to speak to us through this Word
d)  Listening to our response to God’s Word.


Lectio Divina can be practised either alone or in groups.


Choose any passage of scripture (e.g. the Gospel of today, last or next Sunday, or any other Bible text you feel inspired to read).


Read slowly, reflect in silence and listen – be attentive to your response and to God’s response!

Lectio group.jpg
Image by Ben White

From the fourth hour until the time of Sext, they will devote themselves to lectio divina. (ch 48)