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Summer Gathering - 2024

The LCSB warmly welcomes you to our hybrid (online and in-person) Summer Gathering and AGM at Worth Abbey, West Sussex, on the weekend of Friday 23rd – Monday 26th August 2024.


Our theme is 'Living Holy Communion'.

Summer Gathering 2024
an Invitation…

The Summer Gathering is the highlight of August for our household and one of the best opportunities for our whole community to come together. We extend a warm invitation to all friends of the LCSB to join us, especially families and young adults.

Worth Abbey is a wonderful part of our history and heritage and I know for many of us, time atWorth is always time well spent. We are delighted that again the monastic community are generously welcoming us to share time with them.

As you may know, the theme of the SG changes every year and this year we are looking at "Living Holy Communion".One of the things which drew me to the Lay Community was its intergenerational fellowship and openness.We hope to do more than just learn about this, but actually live it through the weekend and beyond!

We are finalising the details on the timetable, but what we are trying to do is nudge away from the format we have had previously, notably on the Saturday.We are planning something which is open and accessible the whole day to people of all ages for members, friends, seekers and anyone else connected to our community. I hope it is something you feel able to come to and to invite others to and we want to make it as easy as possible for you to invite old and new friends and family to the Saturday.

We are also fortunate to be hosting a ceilidh late afternoon on the Saturday leadinginto the BBQ. Geoff Thompson’s presence will be sorely missed, but I know the best tribute to him would be to come together and celebrate the community and friends that we are. Application forms will soon be available and we will send a link to you when they are ready.

Jim Willetts - Summer Gathering Team

Click on this button to reach the Eventbrite booking form or choose one of the three other ways:

  1. ‘IN PERSON 2024 SG booking form - return by email.doc’ – you can fill this in on your computer and email it back to me (the form is formatted with text fields and dropdowns to choose various options).

  2. ‘IN PERSON 2024 SG booking form - for printing.pdf’ – you can print this one off, fill in, and return by post (or scan and email it back)

  3. ‘ONLINE ATTENDEE 2024 SG booking form.doc’ – you can fill it in on your computer and email it back, or print it off and post it back.

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As we progress in this way of life and in faith, we shall run on the path of God’s commandments, our hearts overflowing with the inexpressible delight of love. 

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