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Summer Series

This series hopes to weave together a range of perspectives and experiences of what it means to live out Christian Community today as we are inspired by the history of the faith that we have received and carry forward.

Community, Inclusion and Wellbeing
Revd Augustine Ihm is a Minister in the Church of England and an EDI and Leadership Development Consultant. He is also a writer, minister, speaker and facilitator. Augustine is currently a Doctoral Student in Transformational and Cultural Leadership and Practical Theology at Bakke Graduate University based in Dallas, Texas and the Assistant Curate and Student, Mission and Outreach Director at St. James and Emmanuel Didsbury in Manchester. 
Community and Sacred Space
Jay Hulme is an award winning transgender performance poet, speaker and educator. Jay’s most recent collection of poetry, The Backwater Sermons, details his journey through faith and baptism. Jay often goes on “Church Adventures”, seeking out, photographing, and sharing the incredible stories and breathtaking beauty of churches and cathedrals and firmly believes that every church is beautiful and important, regardless of age, architecture, or historical significance, because every church is loved by those who worship there. Jay’s talk will feature his exploration of these sacred places of worship and their communities and his poetry.


Community and Charism
Community and Charism is a panel discussion about community, charism and a variety of experiences from both residential and dispersed communities. With guest speakers from the Northumbria Community, LCSB, The Community of the Tree of Life and more, we will explore what it means to live as a community inspired by ancient monastic and contemplative spiritual traditions in the 21st century. 
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