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Southern Group

Saturday 24th September

Hybrid meeting live

and on zoom in St Scholastica

To register attendance and for enquiries please

email Liz Brereton

Click to attend Zoom meeting


St Scholastica

The theme of the day is Beyond Words. We will read a Beyond Words book which is a book told in pictures. We will look at a book about a refugee's journey and reflect on it in groups. During the day there will be opportunities to join in with the monastic offices, lectio, walk to the quiet garden, time for reflection and social time. There will be a Promise Ceremony facilitated by Adam as part of the day when we will be welcoming Irene Shepherd and Lesley Trott who will be making their Promise. Saturday Evening Vigil Mass at Worth is at 5pm.


Date: Saturday 24th September

Time: 10:30-4:30

Theme: Beyond Words

Location: Worth Abbey - Compass House 

Zoom: St Scholastica

Lunch: Please bring a packed lunch

Transport:  Lifts can be arranged from Three Bridges Station or from your local area.

Please contact Liz if you need a lift.

Directions: Please find attached map and directions to Worth and Compass House

Childcare: You are welcome to bring children. Parents are responsible for their own children.

RSVP/Attendance: Please confirm with Liz whether or not you can attend and if you will be coming in person or online



10.30 Arrival/coffee - Compass House

11.00 Introduction to the Theme - Emily Westlake followed by reflection in groups

12.15 Break/Quiet Time/Walk

13.00 Midday Office

13.15 Packed Lunch

14.00 Promise Ceremony for Irene and Lesley facilitated by Adam 

14.45 Short break

15.00 Lectio and if time discussion of the Rule and commentary from Joan Chittester 

16.15 Final Prayer/tea 

16.30 Depart

17:00 Vigil Mass in the Abbey for those who wish to attend

Hiking Trail

As we progress in this way of life and in faith, we shall run on the path of God’s commandments, our hearts overflowing with the inexpressible delight of love. 

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